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Prepare to Exploit the Economic Recovery

June 3, 2009
The SAC® Release

How Business Needs to Prepare
To Exploit the Economic Recovery

The Society for Advancement of Consulting® (SAC®) asked its global membership to evaluate the current ideas to maximize the exploitation of the economic recovery when it inevitably arrives.

“We had nearly 50 reports from around the word,” noted Alan Weiss, PhD, the SAC CEO, “so I’ve distilled the representative samples.

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Coach All-Stars for the Best ROI in People Development

July 7, 2008
The SAC® Release

Coaching the All-Stars Pays Bigger Dividends Than
Most Other Training and Development

Coaching all-star performers pays higher dividends than virtually all remedial training, notes Alan Weiss, Ph.D. who is CEO of the Society for Advancement of Consulting® (SAC®). In a poll of its international membership and their clients, "We found that too many organizations ignore their best performers—and best source of return on investment—when developing people," he says.

“It’s all about taking a strengths-based perspective,” notes SAC charter member Tom Stevens, whose consulting company Think Leadership Ideas is based in North Carolina. “Individuals gain superior performance by building on strengths more than shoring up weaknesses. Companies gain superior performance by accelerating their top-performers more than bringing their under-performers up to average.” Stevens acknowledges that often companies agree in principle but not in practice when it comes to allocating resources to develop their people.

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