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Get Everyone Working on the Same Page….

By Using This Powerful Leadership Tool
for Providing Direction
Throughout Your Organization

In the way that a master chef’s recipe describes the essentials for creating a distinctive dish, a Strategy Map describes the essentials for creating a distinctive organization.

When a master chef creates a signature dish, each ingredient and each preparation step contribute to the final result. What makes the dish distinctive is the unique combination of ingredients and preparation. In the right combination, commonplace ingredients and steps can yield a magnificent and distinctive food experience.

The main ingredients of a strategy map are an organization’s strategic objectives, coherently organized into a one-page diagram. Like an extraordinary recipe, even commonplace organizational objectives in the right combination can yield an exceptional and distinctive organization.

Strategy Maps - or as I call them, strat-maps - are a brilliant tool for organizations where “intangible” qualities - e.g. specialized knowledge, leadership, or company culture - are instrumental to an organization’s identity and success.

What can a strategy map do for you? How about…..
  • Align effort throughout your organization
  • Focus on what matters most
  • Amplify customer results
  • Enhance performance….and decision making….and communication

If you are in the Triangle NC area, here’s a great way to get started…..

Half-day executive workshop in beautiful Chapel Hill NC
Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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Can’t make the workshop?
Check out the upcoming online Strategy Map Course >

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