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Session 7 ~ Strategy Maps:
A Tool for Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Previous 7 Ideas Coach sessions have discussed how DIRECTION, PERFORMANCE, INNOVATION, STRUCTURE, and CULTURE are core leadership concerns of any organization. How can leaders put them all together into a coherent whole? Try Strategy Maps.

Strategy Maps originated as a key part of the Balanced Scorecard model developed by Norton and Kaplan of the Harvard Business School in the 1990s, and is widely used in business, non-profit, and public organizations.

A strategy map, or strat-map, is a one page document that shows how specific high level objectives - financial, customer outcomes, operations, and learning - link strategically in accomplishing the organization’s mission and vision.

This session covers seven things you will want to know about strat-maps, and how you can use them to get everyone in your organization on the same page.

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