Think Leadership Ideas

Speaking and Seminars

Tom delivers messages that are full of optimism, insight, and practical advice for people who care about their work, want to successfully navigate the constant current of change, and want to raise the bar on performance.

Content is tailored to your group's needs and event function, whether a keynote presentation, break-out session, or half-day or full-day seminar.

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Areas of Expertise
  • Leadership and Management
  • Change and Transition
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Team Development and Collaborative Processes
  • Organizational Culture and Human Motivation

Target Audiences

  • Senior Leadership and Leadership Teams
  • Managers, Professionals, and Executives, Especially in Knowledge Industries
  • Professional Services Firms and Practices
  • Health Professionals and Organizations
  • Business Owners of Small and Mid-sized Companies
  • Associations, Professional Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Community Leadership

Five of Tom's Most Requested Topics

The Five Dimensions of Leadership
Accelerating your leadership capacity starts with how you think about leadership - here’s the framework to think about leadership, your organization, and YOU

Seven Paradoxes of Leadership
Unconventional leadership insight for leaders who’ve already been around the block a few times

The Extraordinary Power of Questions
Ask Right Questions, Ask Questions Right - the Secrets of Using Inquiry to Accelerate Leadership and Performance

Edge of the Box Thinking
Resisting Mediocrity, Overcoming Complacency, Cultivating Creativity, and Fostering Innovation

Change Mastery
Get a Grip on Uncertainty, Manage Transitions, and Lead Change

Reasons to Engage Tom

Real-life Experience
Years of real-world organizational experience as an executive leader, a manager,
a professional, and a business owner...and a mayor!

Expertise in Human Behavior and Change
Masters degree, professional training, and more than a decade of clinical practice helping people make real change in their lives by changing how they think, feel, and act.

Relevant Options
Want to delve deeper into application? Tom is experienced using numerous development tools, including the MBTI, 360 evaluations, and climate surveys, while his extensive background in group process facilitation is a resource for meeting organizers looking to integrate a business meeting with an educational component.

Delivers Results
Well-grounded in research, Tom helps you reach your objectives on several levels— offering practical tips to stimulate immediate improvements, with attention to meaningful inquiry that cultivates timeless wisdom.

Engaging Style
Tom is a pleasure to work with. His easy going manner fosters open communication and encourages openness to change—even delights those in scientific and technical communities generally skeptical of 'soft-skills'. He loves what he does…and it shows!

What People Who Engage Tom Say...

Tom Stevens is an insightful and engaging presenter. Ours is a group of seasoned executives – they’ve been around the block a few times. Tom picked up very quickly as to what they were looking for and his presentation was right on target.
~ Michael Ownby, Owner, MRO’s Strategic Services,
Financial & Management Consultants

Tom provides value - participants learn a great deal in a short amount of time and walk away with lots of good ideas that are immediately applicable in the “real world”...Tom engages his audience, gets them interested in the topic, and knows how to keep things relevant.
~ Danielle Kaspar, VP Small Business, Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce

The work that Tom did with us two years ago still provides benefits today…I want every organization to experience the positive changes that Tom made possible for our group.
~ Anne M. Faul, Director, Pharmacy Strategy and Analysis,

Tom has a talent for combining established theory with practical tools and real world experience.
~ Rob Kramer, Director, Training & Development,
The University of North Carolina

Webster's Dictionary defines a dividend as "something extra or beyond the expected." ...your seminar produced dividends for our firm. Thank you.
~ Lucy L. Gallo, CPA, Executive Vice President,
Thomas Knight Trent and King

Tom is clearly one of those individuals that has the ability to produce “ah ha” moments for everyone in the room on a consistent basis.
~ Kaye B. Gardner, PHR,
HR Manager, Duke Center for Living