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Facilitation and Retreats

Tom Stevens has over two decades of experience in group facilitation designed to foster broad participation, and designing meetings and programs that create and sustain high performance teamwork.

A trained therapist, a former chief executive, a Mayor, and a business owner - Tom combines expertise in human behavior and group dynamics with real-life leadership experience.

Let Tom help your organization identify and enhance your inherent strengths to build unrealized organizational potential.

Professional facilitation can add great value when you want to:
  • Start a new team with good working relationships
  • accelerate the integration of a new leader
  • energize or renew commitment of a group to teamwork
  • discuss difficult issues – so everyone has input
  • handle a period of change and transition effectively
  • plan – strategize and organize what you need to do
  • analyze and prioritize large amounts of data efficiently
  • exchange information across boundaries
  • decide – come to an agreement everyone can support
  • generate creative ideas and foster innovation

Get everyone on the same page by creating your one-page Strategy Map!

Areas of Experience and Expertise
  • Real-time facilitation and processing of group dynamics to build alignment, enhance problem solving, accelerate planning and decision making, and stimulate innovation
  • Assessment and accelerated integration of new leadership following reorganization
  • Custom integration of leadership development training with facilitated discussion of current company issues
  • Processes to create meaningful involvement of a large number of participants, such as Appreciative Inquiry and World Cafe
  • Processes to foster strategic thinking and get everyone on the same page, including creating one-page Strategy Maps
  • Instrumentation, including Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and others
  • 360 Evaluation Surveys and Interviewing
  • Climate and Culture Assessment

Target Groups
  • Management and Executive Teams
  • Boards and Planning Committees
  • Experience with Small & Mid-sized Businesses, Global Corporations, Professional Groups, Associations, Chambers, Non-profits
  • Group size from 5 to 500
One Page Strategic Plans * Teambuilding * Change Management

Reasons to Engage Tom

Tom is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in facilitating groups. He is well versed in a variety of teambuilding, facilitation and adult education tools and processes. Tom has worked with groups large and small, from local non-profit boards to international executive teams.

Tom is a pleasure to work with—his easy going manner fosters open communication and encourages full participation.

Need content as well as process facilitation? Tom’s extensive background in leadership, management, and human dynamics, plus professional speaking ability, provides the capacity to integrate dynamic content and facilitation into events.


We found Tom to be an extremely effective and sensitive facilitator. He gave people the tools they needed to move forward towards an uncertain future with a more positive, focused and action-oriented attitude. The work that Tom did with us two years ago still provides benefits today.
~ Anne M. Faul, Director, Pharmacy Strategy and Analysis, GlaxoSmithKline

He is the most incredible team builder I have ever met.
~ Pamela Davison, Director & Board Secretary,
World Trade Center North Carolina

Tom meets planned objectives and follows through by providing excellent follow-up. Tom’s work with our group helped us perform at a higher level. We removed stumbling blocks and knocked down silos. We moved forward with improved morale, increased effectiveness and higher productivity. We now approach objectives as a team rather than pursuing individual goals.
~ Gary Tharrington, Director, Business and Employee Services,
Novozymes North America

Tom gave our floundering group focus, leadership and direction…Tom guides without taking over, and helps a “group” develop into a “team”.
~ Joan C. Catignani, Dr. P.H., Asst. Dir.,
Occupational & Environmental Safety Office, Duke University

We have worked with numerous consultants and facilitators, and I consider Tom to be top rate. Tom’s approach always seems to be on the leading edge.
~ Mark Santry, Director, Strategic Planning, GlaxoSmithKline

Tom helped our leaders lead.
~ Carol D. Clayton, PhD., Executive Director,
North Carolina Council of Community Programs

Tom has proven himself as a great meeting facilitator and a strong team builder. Tom has a refreshing knack for team building with professionals without being too “touchy feely”.
~ Debbie Fritz, Director of Health Care Standards, GlaxoSmithKine