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Executive Coaching

Increase Your Leadership Impact and Influence

Sound leadership doesn't just happen, rather it is gained with intention - and executive coaching is one of most effective ways for individuals and small teams to develop leadership through experience.

Coaching with Tom can help...

Increase Your Leadership Influence
leverage interpersonal communication, presentation skills, networking, and strategic thinking so you can maximize your talent and impact;

Navigate Change Effectively
rise to challenges and raise the bar on performance - whether seeking to replace attitudes and behaviors that are career limiting, navigate a major transition, or enhance your personal best practices;

Accelerate Leadership Development
your own personal leadership academy - focus on the leadership best practices, leadership presence skills, and use of your role or expertise that best fits your experience and circumstances.

How Does Coaching Work?

Executive coaching engagements are customized - typical coaching engagements with Tom begin with an extended “discovery day” session to craft objectives and a personal development plan, followed by regularly scheduled coaching sessions to accelerate progress. A wide variety of assessment and development tools can be incorporated into the project as needed - including the Tilt365 Positive Influence Indicator.

One size does not fit all…

We tailor a coaching process fit your needs and learning style, including flexible scheduling and the availability of unlimited telephone and email access so you have coaching when you need it. Coaching engagements with Tom are typically arranged on a project fee so you aren't charged every time you speak with your coach.

Five Reasons to Engage Tom

Real-life Experience
Years of real-world experience as a chief executive, a manager, a professional, a non-profit board leader, and a business owner...and a mayor!

Expertise in Human Behavior and Change
Masters degree, professional training, and more than a decade of clinical practice helping people make real change in their lives by changing how they think, feel, and act.

Engaging Style
Tom is a pleasure to work with. His easy going manner fosters open communication and encourages openness to change—even delights those in scientific and technical communities generally skeptical of 'soft-skills'.

Relevant Options
What's the process that fits you and your organization? Tom is experienced in a variety of coaching and development tools. Tom can integrate individual work with team and culture development, combining dynamic original content, expert group facilitation, and coaching into a custom-designed development program.

Delivers Results
Well grounded in research, Tom helps you reach your objectives on multiple levels—offering practical tips to stimulate immediate improvements, with attention to meaningful inquiry that cultivates timeless wisdom.

Your Next Step...

Call or email Tom for a free, no obligation discussion on how executive coaching can be tailored to boost your leadership influence.

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Tom Stevens - Leadership Expert

What do clients say about Tom?

We have worked with numerous consultants and facilitators, and I consider Tom to be top rate. Tom’s approach always seems to be on the leading edge.

~ Mark Santry, Director, Strategic Planning, GlaxoSmithKline

I highly recommend Tom as a coach, a leadership mentor, and change-agent. He’s a guy with boundless energy and a sincere sense of commitment to everything he does…
Christopher H. Price, CEO and President
LAAMScience, Inc.

While serving on the board of a non-profit organization who contracted Esquare Leadership for consulting services, I observed Tom's good work and then hired him for my own company. Tom is extremely oriented toward achieving results for his clients and he has helped us preserve and grow our business on multiple levels.
~ Steven Moore
Brander, Entrepreneur, Military Contractor,
Owner of Moore Exposure

Tom meets planned objectives and follows through by providing excellent follow-up. Tom’s work with our group helped us perform at a higher level. We removed stumbling blocks and knocked down silos. We moved forward with improved morale, increased effectiveness and higher productivity. We now approach objectives as a team rather than pursuing individual goals.
~ Gary Tharrington, Director,
Business and Employee Services,
Novozymes North America

Tom helped our leaders lead.
~ Carol D. Clayton, PhD., Executive Director,
NC Council of Community Programs

Tom forces you to think by knowing what questions to ask. You find these answers are providing the very information that will help you implement the theories at hand.
~ Foster Norman, Area Director, VGFW Area Authority

I feel like you have given me a great big lever that triples the effect of my efforts...
~ Chris Potter, President
Southern Media Design and Production, Inc.

His knowledge and experience, both in the classroom and as an executive coach, make him an important contributor to our management and leadership programs...Tom has a talent for combining established theory with practical tools and real world experience.
~ Rob Kramer, Director, Training & Development,
The University of North Carolina

Tom provided me with a greater understanding of key leadership concepts, and my new perspective led me to make some fundamental changes in managing and developing employees to better serve customers... My company is still utilizing the concepts Tom provided, and we continue to see positive results.
~ Steve Wappel, President and Founder
StarQuest International

Leadership is the superfuel that propels exceptional endeavors.
What are you doing to develop your leadership?