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Essential Practices for Managing People... session 4

If you want your people to be champions at what they do, then performance feedback is essential...let me repeat, essential.

Conventional Wisdom tells us natural talent is what drives top performance. Modern research challenges this notion. K. Anders Ericsson, co-editor and contributor to the Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, notes the common factor of expert performance in almost every domain researched is “deliberate practice” – i.e., ongoing practice and repetition shaped by active feedback. Kenneth Blanchard hit the nail on the head when he said, “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions.” Talent is important, but mostly as it is a motivator for engaging in deliberative, feedback-informed practice.

This week’s “coachcast” explores what managers need to do in order to master the two “flavors” of feedback, and use performance feedback to create and sustain champion organizations.

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